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Bulk vending is a multi-million dollar industry which revolves around the sale of food and non-food consumer products with the use of a conventional vending machine (non-electrically operated). Gum, candies and peanuts are some of the most commonly sold food items in these vending machines. Postcards, collectible toys, and other novelty trinkets are also vended in such machines.

Vendesign Manufacturing has been in the business of providing top-rated, trouble-free bulk vending machines for over 10 years. Two of its most popular products are the Four-in-One Candy Carousel and the single serving Snack Tower.

The Four-in-One Candy Carousel is characterized by having four dispensers in one machine. Each of these machines can carry four different products in four separate, fresh-keeping compartments mounted in a high-impact rotating product display case. This machine can hold up to forty-four pounds of products and can be serviced in under 5 minutes. The Four-in-One Candy Carousel is currently the top choice in the bulk candy vending business.

Vendesign Manufacturing also builds and distributes the Snack Tower. It comes with patented crush-proof Trigger Tray Technology and can dispense virtually any single serving product in the vending business.  The Snack Tower is primarily targeted towards a niche market - energy products. This particular vending machine can be found mostly in health clubs and gyms, though they fit just as well in offices and gas stations dispensing energy bars, energy mints and other energy products. 

The Snack Tower comes in two varieties: table top and stand alone. The stand alone version is setup with a dimensionally balanced weighted stand made with 18-gauge cold pressed steel while the table top type can be placed on top of existing fixtures. Each machine can comfortably accommodate up to 220 pieces of wrapped products. 

What set Vendesign Manufacturing apart from its competitors are the cutting-edge design, large capacity, strength, and durability of its products. Both the Four-in-One carousel and the Snack Tower are designed to occupy approximately one square foot of floor space, which makes them ideal for placement even in small retails spaces. Made with high-quality materials, these vending machines are designed to outlast other machines of their kind in terms of wear and tear resistance.

Vending machine operators favor machines made by Vendesign Manufacturing due to the company’s continuous support and monitoring services. Vendesign machines are designed so that fewer service and restocking trips are necessary. Hence, operators do not have to spend as much time and attention as they would with other mediocre vending machines, thereby increasing potential for higher profit.

With more and more new businesses opening each year, you can expect to see more of Vendesign machines everywhere you go.

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